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  • Florida Hometown Heroes Loan Program

    Summary of the Program

    Earlier this year, the Florida Housing Finance Corporation launched the Florida Hometown Heroes program, a homebuying loan program for first-time homebuyers in the state of Florida. This program is intended to assist residents in all occupations, looking to purchase a home for the first time.  This was previously limited to certain occupations prior to early July 2023.

    Program Benefits

    Borrowers seeking a loan amount of $200,000 or less, who qualify for this program will receive $10,000 toward their down payment and closing costs. Buyers borrowing over $200,000 will receive 5% of the loan amount with a maximum of $35,000 toward the down payment and closing costs for the purchase of their home.

    Program Requirements 

    • Borrower must work in a company physically located in Florida for a minimum of 35 hours per week
    • Borrower must be purchasing their first-time primary home in Florida
    • Allowable Properties are:
      • Attached or Detached 1-Unit Dwelling
      • 2-4 Unit Properties
      • Condos

    The Loan Process

    We always recommend that anyone buying a home for the first time seek the guidance of an experienced realtor. Why? Your realtor is your advocate in your search for a home, is an expert in negotiating a fair price, and is knowledgeable about the home-buying process. Your realtor can also connect you with an experienced lender for financing. As a licensed and experienced lender in Florida, we also recommend reaching out to us for Pre-Approval before starting your search. A Pre-Approval helps you stand out among other buyers because it communicates to the seller that you are serious and that you have the financial backing to make your purchase. Not only that, a Pre-Approval helps determine the maximum purchase price you qualify for as the buyer which can help narrow down your search.

    Once you have signed the purchase contract, we submit your file to a trusted wholesaler to make sure we provide you with the most competitive rate. Like with financing for any other borrower, we will work to provide all documentation required by the wholesale lender until we reach “Clear to Close”. At that point, we will prepare closing documents with the title company for signing on the contract closing date.


    Each borrower is different, so speaking with a trusted lender and discussing your unique scenario and how you can take advantage of this new program is important. For those who do not qualify for this program, there are various home-buying programs available to both first-time buyers and those looking to buy a home for the second time. Again, it’s important to partner with the right lender to take explore your options and the program(s) you qualify for before you’ve found a home.

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