Liberty Mortgage Lending Testimonials


We do not need to speak for ourselves when so many others already speak so highly of us. Here is what a few of our clients have to say…

"Erez took the time to explain the process and all the figures involved. Very easy to work with, and will gladly recommend his services to friends and family."


"Just closed on the loan through Erez at Liberty Mortgage. He was outstanding, very professional and honest. He got me the best rate in the market and his fees and closing estimates were exact to the penny. From the day I contacted him to the day I closed on the loan, I felt that he was side by side with me. He walked me through everything in so much detail; I think I can start my own mortgage business, just kidding Erez! He worked very diligently through out the entire time. He handled everything so well that I didn't have to worry about anything. He even paid the appraiser company with his own credit card, to be reimbursed by me. All the good reviews that I read about Erez were so true. I highly recommend him, having person like Erez on your side makes a big difference when it comes to mortgage. Before you go with anyone else, give him a call, you will be glad you did!"

Naeem A.

"Erez has been wonderful to work with. He contacted me immediately and began the process of refinancing our home. We should be closing in less than 3 weeks from when I first contacted him. He has been prompt, polite, and thorough with all of my dealings with him."

Steven H.

"Liberty Mortgage and their staff have been extremely helpful throughout the process and we will utilize their services for closing! HIGHLY Recommended!!!"

David D.

"Liberty Mortgage did a spectacular job with closing my loan. His estimate after all dollar amounts were known such as insurance and title amounts was accurate to the penny. He helped guide me through the buying process with the seller concession as well. I know that FHA loans were costly and he explained every dollar amount to me, especially when it came to reserves. I can see why his rating is so high. He knows his business and he commutated with me through the whole process. Even on the weekends as I was given his cell phone when I started the process with him."

Stanley W.

"I purchased a home and was very happy with the professionalism of my broker Erez Cohen at Liberty Mortgage. He is an excellent and honest Broker. Always willing to answer my questions and concerns and always available via his personal cell phone. His Good Faith Estimate was only a few dollars off and I had no surprises at the closing table."

Brooke R.

"Even though I didn't end up closing due to my financial issues, Liberty's Staff were very honest and prompt and detailed. I would certainly call them again if things change."


"Pleasure to work with. Always concerned about getting the numbers correct. Even rebated us an extra cost that was above what he quoted. Very professional and thorough. Closing was a breeze because everything was ready and correct."

Steven H.

"Erez was a pleasure to deal with. He answered all of my questions in a clear, concise manner. My inquiries were responded to in lightning fast speed. Thanks Liberty Mortgage Lending."

John P.

"Although I did not close my refi with Erez, I would have done so if my credit union had not come through with a comparable quote (I've been a member for years and they were able to make the offer based on a drive-by appraisal, which was less expensive and less of a hassle. They also offered a $500 rebate on the closing costs). Erez offered me the lowest rate and took the time to answer my questions, explaining several things I didn't understand. I chose his quote partially because he had so many other good ratings and I have already recommended Erez to others based on his responsiveness and the other ratings he has received. I have also highly recommended the entire anonymous quote request service on Zillow to several people. It's a win/win service."

Geri P.

"I closed on 2/27/2009 with Erez from Liberty Mortgage. His service is A++++++++++. Prompt, reliable and very dependable. The guy is available after hours and makes the process very clear, simple and transparent. I've never met the guy in person but I can tell you that he is awesome and very professional to work with. I'd highly recommend that if you're considering applying for a loan in a state he serves then you must get in touch with him. I've a good friend who's been in mortgage broker for 25 yrs. and Erez beat him by a mile. The Lending Bank was asking for very high 10 months reserves in Escrows but Erez got them reduced to 2 months reserves and got my closing costs down. Thank you Erez and I wish the best for your business."

Sandeep W.

"Erez was very professional, had great rates, took the time to explain things in detail, and was not pushy in any way. I would recommend him to anyone looking to refinance."

Erik P.

"Erez was a real pleasure to work with. I had a "mark" on my credit that he helped me deal with successfully. Since I travel extensively I was unavailable sometimes for days a time, but he was always very patient and professional. Unfortunately for him I received an unsolicited offer on the property and the house sold before we could close and when told him what had happened, he congratulated me all the while knowing he would not make a penny for his hard work. I would not hesitate to use him again or recommend him."

James M.

"Erez was much more responsive than any other lender we have evaluated. We got concessions from our current lender but otherwise we would have gone with him."

Sherry N.

"I now see why Erez has a 5 star rating....honesty, integrity & dependability. My husband and I have our loans and investments with very reputable companies, but even they couldn't match the rate and service that Erez gave us. He also was able to see us through this process in half the time that any other lender quoted. Even though we live several hundred miles away, I would do business with him again without hesitation. I will recommend him to friends and family. Thanks for everything Erez!!!"

Steven P.

"Liberty Mortgage provided excellent rates and outstanding service. We had locked rates with another lender and given a 30 day notice to our apartment based on advice from our builder. When the construction schedule slipped enough that we were going to lose our lock with the other lender, we contacted Erez. We closed 15 days after I submitted my application with him. He worked diligently to move our loan application through the process so we would not be left without a place to live. I would highly recommend him to anyone shopping for a mortgage."

Barry D.

"Erez was great to work with. No other lender could beat Erez's numbers. He is easy to reach and very responsive. He'll give you straight answers and help you make decisions with your best interest in mind. I would highly recommend Erez and Liberty Mortgage to any who is looking to refinance or obtain a new loan."

Robert K.

"Erez was great every step of the way. His accessibility is remarkable. I was able to get in touch with him immediately to resolve and issues or ask any questions. My refinancing went well thanks to Erez and the Staff at Liberty Mortgage Lending. I would highly recommend him."

Mindy F.

"Erez and his team were very helpful throughout the loan process. Several small hurdles came up as we neared the close and they were very helpful in solving each of these problems. I highly recommend them!"

Bart F.

"I have been searching for a couple of homes before I make a decision, but I will go with this lender because of the background and quick response."

Xiery Y.

"The team at Liberty Mortgage was very knowledgeable and willing to offer a good deal. He also went out of his way to make sure the transaction was clear."

June G.

"Will actually close in the next few days. Liberty Mortgage was very professional and extremely helpful throughout the entire process. Process was quick, only took a few weeks. Would definitely recommend."

Terry M.

"Cohen will move mountains to make your dream of homeownership a reality for you! Do not hesitate to call and ask what he has to offer for you! Thanks Erez...."

Lizette J.

"Erez was wonderful to work with...He worked very hard at getting the loan needed for our situation. We are glade we went Liberty Mortgage. Thank you very much Erez!"

Mellissa G.

"Erez was very professional, and easy to contact either by e-mail or phone. I was very comfortable working with him, never felt pressured. In fact, he suggested I wait to lock and showed me how to follow the 10-year Treasury bond market, which affects mortgage rates. He was right. When it dropped, I locked. It paid off with a rate that impressed the title agent when we closed. Glad I went with him."

Robert M.

"Somebody here on Zillow mentioned that Erez and Liberty Mortgage held his/her hand every step of the way. This was certainly true for me as well where Erez was not only providing mortgage service but education about financial decisions we had to make along the way in our process of buying a home. I mirror all of the previous Zillow user comments and than some. Erez is extremely professional and knowledgeable of the financial markets and he proved to be invaluable asset in our home buying process. I would recommend Erez to my mother, he is that good?"

David G.

"I feel extremely fortunate that Erez answered my request for an anonymous quote on Zillow. I can't imagine dealing with anybody more helpful, knowledgeable, or professional. He took care of all issues before they became problems, and was able to close quicker than I thought possible."

David S.

"I spoke with Erez regarding a mortgage for an investment property and he was extremely helpful and straight forward with me about my different options. He will definitely be the first person I contact in the future for a mortgage."

Sandra A.

"Erez was very honest. He did not attempt to push me into a loan of any kind. He gave me open, honest advice for which I am thankful. He also gave me tips to improve my current situation. Thanks Erez!"

Sandra A.

"Mr. Cohen's level of professionalism was off the charts. I would recommend him to my friends and family members."

Ryan H.

"I worked with Erez Cohen at Liberty Mortgage Lending. He was very knowledgeable about all products, and there were no surprises! My husband and I couldn't be happier."

Tara B.

"This was a short sale and we were about to close. Liberty Mortgage Lending and Erez Cohen held my hand every step of the way- There closing cost estimate was exact except for the homeowner's insurance quote I gave him- Totally my fault.- Erez even conference me up with the title company the seller chose so as I would see why and what fees were coming and from whom. I have closed on houses in the past but have never experienced a broker who was with me every step of the way. Not only did I have his personal cell but I was even given his home number as another way to be reached. The only reason we did not close was due to the seller not being able to come to the table with the required funds. We are now searching for another home and will definitely use Erez and Liberty Mortgage. Never have we seen such professionalism."

Fritz G.